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NDT Certification Board - Chairman's Message

NDT Certification Board - Chairman's Message

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With the closing date for NDT Examinations fast approaching, I would like to offer some guidance on progressing to Certification once you have succeeded in the exams and have the results sheet in your hand! 

Firstly, if you do not have evidence of the required amount of supervised industrial experience, I will advise you to fill out the application for certification but request trainee status by answering Yes on page 3 of the application. Please note that trainees are allowed 5 years to accrue the required amount of supervised industrial experience, as opposed to 2 years for applicants who do not obtain trainee experience.

If you are unsure of the rate at which you will accrue the experience, this is a useful option.

Another area for extra attention, is in having the supervised industrial experience supported by a referee. The certification administration staff are often finding that the period of time that a referee signs for, on the Statement by Referee, does not cover the full period of time listed on the experience page. This is often due to changes in employment, or changes in staffing within the one company.

Please check that both of these pages fully support the amount of experience required to obtain certification. It may be that more than one referee is required, and in this case, each referee can provide a Statement by Referee page. For personnel who intend to obtain certification at some time in the future, it may be wise to obtain referee statements when the referee is close at hand.

Keith Arcus
Chairman – AINDT NDT Certification Board