AINDT are in the process of taking a paperless approach to sending and receiving any applications via the website.

If you are wishing to send an application in for either membership or certification, we encourage you to send it to us electronically or via the AINDT Membership Portal.
Thank you.


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02 - Schedule of Certification Fees

Details Refer to Guide for details of Examinations & Certifications offered

03 - AINDT Code of Ethics

Details All Types of Membership or Grades and Certificate holders of the Institute shall abide by this Code of Ethics.

04 - Application For NDT Certification Level_1_2_3

Details APPLICATION FOR NDT CERTIFICATION (AS 3998/ISO 9712)/Limited (As4635/ISO 20807)/AINDT In –House Schemes

05 - Referee Suitability Verification

Details Please submit this form to AINDT prior to officially applying for certification if you your referee DOES NOT hold NDT Certification/qualifications recognised by AINDT. Once AINDT has received this form we will verify your referees suitability to act as a referee and advise accordingly

06 - Application For Renewal of Certification/Qualification (NDT)

Details APPLICATION FOR RENEWAL OF NDT CERTIFICATION (i.e. 5 years from success in a practical examination)
(AS 3998/ISO 9712)/Limited (AS4635/ISO 20807)

08 - Application For NDT UT Node/Nozzle Endoresment Levels 2&3

Details (AS 3998/ISO 9712)/lIMITED(As4635/ISO 20807)/AINDT In-House Schemes

10 - Application for Recertification/Qualification (NDT)

Details APPLICATION FOR RECERTIFICATION OF NDT CERTIFICATION (i.e. 10 years from success in a practical examination)
(AS 3998/ISO 9712)/Limited (As4635/ISO 20807)

11 - PED Application Form.

Electronic application for approval by BINDT of NDT personnel certificated under AS 3998 / EN ISO 9712 : 2012 criteria by the Australian Institute for NDT

12 - A Work Instruction explained NDT112 Issue 1 Rev 2

Details A work instruction (WI) is a document that is used to clearly define the inspection variables for a given inspection. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a procedure or standard.

13 - Application for review / remark of examination

(AS3998/ISO 9712 /ISO18436) lIMITED (AS4635/ISO 20907)/AINDT In-house Schemes

14-Application for Replacement for Certificate and ID card

Details Application for Replacement for Certificate and ID card

15-Certification Standards Update RE ISO9712:2012

Details Certification Standards Update
Following AINDT’s successful accreditation transition to ISO9712:2012 we feel that it is important to update
industry on standards development regarding ISO9712 and AS 3998:2006

16- Application For Special Consideration

Details Application for Special Consideration