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Staff Member Profile: Demi Zeglinas - Operations Manager, AINDT Federal Office

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Lovely to meet you!

My name is Demi Zeglinas and I am thrilled to be the new Operations Manager for AINDT, working with the incredible team at the AINDT Federal Office in Melbourne.

I was born and raised in Melbourne, I live near the beach, love to catch a sunset and go for an afternoon jog.

I am a softy for all things animal-related and love a good smashed-avocado on toast with a strong iced-latte.

In my spare time I love spending quality time with my beautiful big Greek family, and I absolutely love to cook! Fun fact: I lived in Bali and became a Yoga teacher in 2017 and decided to ‘turn’ vegan for 3 years… which did not go down very well with my Greek family. I am happy to report that I am no longer vegan (and my family have forgiven me).

For those I have already had the pleasure of meeting, thank you kindly for your warm welcome to the AINDT family. Never would I have thought I would land in the NDT industry… yet here I am, and wow… what an exciting (and vital) industry this is! Within my first month of joining the AINDT team and learning about the NDT industry, I have come to feel truly lit up by this incredible sector and I look forward to learning and growing with you all to reach new heights.

After studying Public Relations (Business) at RMIT University, I was keen to dive straight into learning about what the large umbrella of the PR world had to offer. I began my journey at high-end PR and digital marketing agencies, soon to discover that it was the not-for-profit sector that lit me up.

I spent 6+ years in the not-for-profit sector, working my way up to manage fundraising events, communications and public affairs in one of the most scrutinised industries – aged and community care. Memorable achievements during this time included; coordinating local and interstate fundraising events including major gala dinners and radiothons; obtaining major sponsorships and donations (including a single donation for $1.5mil); driving an organisation-wide rebrand (2 year project); planning developments to rebuild new facilities for our community’s most vulnerable; producing and designing a ‘40 Year History’ book publication (2.5 year project), completing a 12 month leadership and business management course, and building life-long relationships within an array of sectors.

After a lot of growth and many achievements, it was time to spread my wings. This led me to running global events and ambassador programs, as well as executing customer relation and business strategies for a global Athleisure organisation. From here, I moved into the event-management space, in an Operations Supervisor role- planning and overseeing all operations at high-end and corporate events including contracts with Melbourne Racing Carnival, Formula 1, Alfred Health and more.

My passion for business, customer relations and operations was inspired from a young age as I grew up in a family who ran successful businesses. I thank my father, who let me follow him as his “little shadow” to ‘big board room meetings’ and business networking events, from a young age. I attended my first personal development seminar when I was 14 years old and, in the years to follow, I was driven to continue growing and learning – having the privilege to attend live workshops hosted by world-renowned business coaches and finance gurus such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

One of my favourite quotes is “We don’t know what we don’t know…”. This quote reminds us that we are everexpanding and evolving creatures who should live with a curious mindset and be open to opportunities.

If a genie appeared in front of me and granted me $10 million dollars- I would love to set up community education hubs in third-world countries, where underprivileged individuals can feel safe to learn as equals, thrive and be provided with education, clean water, nourishing food, and future opportunities.

Taking all my bits of wealth, knowledge, and personal and professional experience, I am thrilled to have landed here, with the AINDT community.

I very much look forward to immersing myself in the Operations Manager role and hit the ground running. I am grateful to have joined an already thriving organisation and am excited to work alongside you to promote NDT and CM to new, untapped demographics and see the industry continue to thrive.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to introduce yourself, ask me any questions (or ask me for a yummy Greek recipe to cook!). My contact details are: 0484 561 563 / [email protected]

Warm regards,
Demi Zeglinas - Operations Manager, AINDT Federal Office