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Standards News - July 2020

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Standards Australia MT007 Main Committee is made up of stake holders from different industry sectors, government departments, associations / institutes.

The current MT007 Committee Members are from sectors as follows:

  • Australian Institute for Non-destructive Testing
  • AINDT Certification Board
  • National Aerospace NDT Board of Australia
  • Weld Australia Association
  • Thermography Association
  • Oil & Gas – Industry (Australia)
  • Aero Space – Industry (Australia)
  • NDT - Industry (Australia)
  • NDT - Industry (New Zealand)
  • Thermography – Industry (Australia)
  • Material Research Laboratories – Government (Australia)
  • NSW Roads – Government (Australia)
  • New Zealand Defence Force – Government (New Zealand)

In the past years NATA also held a seat on the committee, however this position has not been filled for some time, NATA has nominated a new candidate for future meetings.

In addition, the Standards Working Groups for RT, MT, UT, etc. have further committee members that are considered some of the most experienced in industry for a particular test.

The AINDT has establishing a Standards board to review current Standards projects and ensure that feedback is provided to MT007 and the related Standards Working Groups. AINDT State Branch Committee members will make up the AINDT Standards board which will add further experienced personnel and their comments to Standards Australia.

Since the last Standards News publication, I have been welcomed by all the AINDT State Branches presenting information on the ISO Standards adoptions and current standards that have been selected for review.

There were many opinions that are taken on board and questions which all allows for information to be presented to members.

AINDT Standards webinar’s continue to be attended very well by members with Paul Grosser providing gap analysis information between Australian and ISO Standards. Keep an eye out for the AINDT newsletters and emails informing members of the webinar details.

With regards to ISO9934.1 for Magnetic Particle Testing general practices it appears that a modified version will be adopted, however this has taken time due to some constraints in these unprecedented times and will look at being finalised in the next quarter.

Other Standards news provided by ISO are detailed below:

  • For NDT (Standards Committee MT007) Voting: ISO Non-destructive testing — Infrared thermographic testing — Thermoelastic stress measuring method — General Principles.
  • Voting: Non-destructive testing — Infrared thermography — Part 2: Testing method for integrated performance.
  • Voting: Non-destructive testing — Acoustic emission testing — Specific methodology and general evaluation criteria for testing of fibre-reinforced polymers.
  • Voting: Non-destructive testing — Evaluation of vision acuity of NDT personnel.
  • Voting: Non-destructive testing — Acoustic emission inspection — Primary calibration of transducers.
    For Con Mon (Standards Committee ME087)
  • Voting: Condition monitoring and diagnostics of wind turbines — Part 2: Monitoring the drivetrain.
  • Voting: Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — Data interpretation and diagnostics techniques — Part 2: Data-driven applications.
  • Voting: Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — Approaches for performance diagnosis.

Many AINDT members have contacted me regarding Standards and I have been pleased to respond as soon as capable. Please contact me via email as per my email address below if you have any queries regarding Australian Standards, ISO Standards or other Standards.

Angelo Zaccari
MT007 Standards Chairperson - [email protected]