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AINDT Standards Update - June 2020

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The Standards Australia MT07 Main Committee met in late April with regards to ISO9934.1 for Magnetic Particle Testing general practices to determine the work to be conducted in order to rectify some technical issues with calibration performance and intervals. The committee continue to work on the technical issues with a modified adoption to take place.

The AINDT are looking to run a webinar with the adoption of certain ISO Standards and differences with the previous Australian Standards. Dates for the webinar are expected to be announced shortly.

Standards that will undergo revision with commencement and completion expected this year are included within the list below. The main focus of the review is to introduction and expand the Standards with advanced methods.

Standards Review:

  • AS3978 - Non-destructive testing – Visual inspection of metal products and components.
  • AS2452.1 – Non-destructive Testing - Determination of thickness - Determination of wall thickness of pipe
    by the use of radiography.
  • AS1065 – Non-destructive Testing – Ultrasonic Testing of Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Forgings.
  • AS2574 – Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing of ferritic steel castings.
  • AS2083 – Non-destructive testing – Calibration blocks and their methods of use in ultrasonic testing.
  • AS2824 – Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic methods - Evaluation and quality classification of metal bearing

A number of Standard proposals have been received from ISO which were new or required voting. These Standards are for both MT007 NDT and ME087 Con Mon as follows...

  • MT007 Voting ISO 12713:1998 (version 4) Non-destructive testing — Acoustic emission inspection — Primary calibration of transducers.
  • ME087 Voting ISO 13379-2:2015 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — Data interpretation and diagnostics techniques — Part 2: Data-driven applications.
  • ME087 ISO 18129: Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — Approaches for performance diagnosis.
  • ME087 ISO 18249: Non-destructive testing — Acoustic emission testing — Specific methodology and general evaluation criteria for testing of fibre-reinforced polymers.
  • MT007 ISO 18490: Non-destructive testing — Evaluation of vision acuity of NDT personnel.
  • MT007 ISO/CD 18251-2 Non-destructive testing — Infrared Thermography — Part 2: Testing method for integrated performance.

This past quarter of the year I have had a lot of interesting questions regarding the delay with ISO9934.1, however predominately these questions have related to technical concerns with adhering to the adopted ISO Standards. Questions included, recording requirements, reporting requirements, different calibration pieces, auditing and general differences between the adopted ISO and withdrawn AS. The webinars currently being run by AINDT will hopefully offer responses to some of these questions.

If you have any queries regarding Australian Standards, ISO Standards or other Standards, please email me: 
[email protected] and I am always pleased to respond.

Angelo Zaccari, MT007 Standards Chairperson