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Urgent Standards Update - March 2020

Category: AINDT News

The Federal Office would like to provide detailed information relating to the new published AS ISO Standards. Members may or may not have seen that one Standard ISO AS 9934.1 Magnetic Particle General Practices is missing from the new editions.

The omission of this Standard occurred due to a technical query that requires resolution prior to the ISO AS 9934.1 being made public. ISO AS 9934.2 Magnetic Particle Detection Media & ISO AS 9934.3 Magnetic Particle Equipment have been published, however cannot be used as they are linked to ISO AS 9934.1.

The MT007 Committee are urgently communicating in order to rectify ensuring the correct technical content and release ISO AS 9934.1.

In the interim, AS1171 would be considered the applicable Standard to use even if withdrawn. If you recall, as detailed in a previous edition of Standards News, a Withdrawn Standard is still able to be used and is recognised as follows…

  • The withdrawn status does not impact the document’s availability, or public’s ability to use the document. Withdrawn standards can still be purchased from SAI Global (
  • The withdrawn status indicates that the standard is no longer relevant. Standards Australia will not undertake further work to maintain or update a withdrawn standard.
  • It is still possible for a withdrawn standard to be used within an industry or reference by a government if they choose to do so. One reason for this may be because there are no replacement technical documents readily available.

We do take the opportunity to advise all members that all other ISO AS Standards that were proposed have been adopted nationally and are now available at the (

  1. ISO16809 Non-destructive testing -- Ultrasonic thickness measurement to be adopted and replace AS2452.3
  2. ISO17643 Non-destructive testing of welds -- Eddy current testing of welds by complex-plane analysis to be adopted and replace AS4544
  3. ISO20807 Non-destructive testing of welds -- Non-destructive testing Qualification of personnel for limited applications of non-destructive testing to be adopted and replace AS4635
  4. ISO3452 Pt1 to Pt 6 Non-destructive testing -- Penetrant testing to be adopted and replace AS2062
  5. ISO4993 Steel and iron castings -- Radiographic testing to be adopted and replace AS3507.1
  6. ISO15549 Pt1 Non-destructive testing -- Eddy current testing to be adopted and replace AS2084

Further information will be available in the next edition of Standard News detailing the status of ISO AS 9934.1.


If you have any queries regarding Australian Standards, ISO Standards or other Standards, please email MT007 Standards Chairperson Angelo Zaccari at [email protected] who will be happy to respond.