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Member Profile  Tim Threadgold

Member Profile Tim Threadgold

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How many Years have you worked in the NDT Industry?

It has been 20 years, from September this year. I started back in 1997, straight from school and walking into a casual position as an assistant helping out on shutdowns.

Why Did you choose a career in NDT?

I was actually trying to join the metro fire brigade when a friend offered me a casual position working on shutdowns as an assistant.

When I started, I didn’t really know what the NDT industry was about, however it used to take me to many different parts on the country, all the travel made it expremely appealing to me. I also liked the diversity. That within the industry I would not only work on a

variety of plants/sites around the country, but I also got to work with so many different people, that perhaps I would have never met before.

 What Education/Training Route did you follow?

I left school to pursue work so I never finished year 12.Upon starting with Adelaide Inspection Services, I was put onto a trainee’s program which finished with Engineering Certificate 3. All of my NDT training has been done at ATTAR. I have also started a Business

Management course, but l am yet to complete it.

Can you tell us about your current work within the industry?

I am currently the NDT General Manager for Intertek, which I started in March 2017. I oversee the Asset Integrity business model which incorporates NDT,mechanical testing, failure analysis & In Service Inspection. It is a challenging position which requires a lot of my time

and as part of a global business it means phone calls and skype meetings at unsociable hours.

Can you share with us a career highlight?

I moved interstate in 2009 to pursue an opportunity with my employer at the time, to become a branch manager of a newly formed operation. This was a great challenge for both me and my wife, after we had just gotten engaged and had to pack up and move our

entire life across the country. Not only was the business successful, but we also managed to meet some of the best people, who we are still friends with today.


What is the best piece of advise you have ever received ?

Most common inspection techniques have already progressed, the technology is readily available – we just need to understand its capabilities, learn how to use it properly, then show we can satisfy businesses needs to inspect and test, cost effectively whilst giving the accuracy of results that they need.

How do you think the industry has changed since you began working and where can you see it going in future?

Industry is changing on a daily basis, which is fantastic especially from an OHS point of view, people are becoming more aware of their responsibilities and making sure that safe systems of work are implimented and followed.From a technical point, I think the NDT  industry is finally seeing some reward for its good work with developing advanced techniques such as PAUT, digital radiography etc, asset owners are now starting to really ask for these methods on a regular basis. I think these type of test methods will become everday inspection techniques in a short period of time.

Do you have any advice for people new to the industry?

Firstly safety is paramount. Look after yourself and your mates so you can go home to loved ones every day. This doesn’t happen by accident.Don’t take the industry for granted, it has a lot to offer and is also a rewarding profession. You will get out of the industry, what you put in.

What are the top three things on your “bucket list”?

Holiday in USA and to visit places like Chicago, and New York. I’d also like to attend some NFL and NBA games.

2. Buy a 1971 XY GT Falcon.

3. Travel around Australia in a caravan stopping where ever we want.