Exam Locations

Exam Locations

Queensland Mackay*

Queensland Brisbane

New South Wales Sydney

South Australia Adelaide

Closing Date for submission of exam application is Monday 1st October 2018
(*Please note that the Mackay examination round will only take place if sufficient application are received. Applicants for Mackey will be notified as soon as possible the location is changed)
Candidates are to note the above exams dates are provisional, they would change once the exact dates are finalised.

Important Notes

  • Candidates will be informed at least 4 weeks before the state exam session begins informing them of exact dates and timings for Theory and Practical examinations.
  • Please Note: that all theory examination will be conducted on the first day of each exam round, Practical exams will be scheduled on day two or three dependent on methods/candidate numbers and timings.
  • Candidates attempting initial examinations must provide evidence of AINDT Approved Training at the time of application. Candidates who aren’t able to demonstrate they have sat AINDT approved training by either a training body listed on the AINDT website of training delivered by an employer who has submitted training material and had this approved by AINDT will not be eligible to sit examinations.

Exam Methodologies

NDT Examinations will be provided in the following methodologies:

  • Radiographic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Penetrant Testing

Practical Exam Requirements


All Ultrasonic equipment (including calibration blocks) must be suitable for the inspection of samples to AS2207.
Note: The use of pre made memory files (including DAC) is not permitted and must be removed from the set before the examination commences, this will be verified by the examination invigilator.


Equipment and consumables will be supplied. However candidates may supply their own equipment and consumables in they wish. Where candidates do supply their own consumables, MSDS for consumables must be supplied and approved to the examination invigilator.


Equipment and consumables will be supplied. However candidates may supply their own accessories if they wish (number bands, lead letters, chirpers etc)

RT Candidates must bring to the exam:

  • Current TLD/Film badge
  • Copy of Radiation Safety Licence current in the examination state (without these the candidates will not be permitted to sit the exam)

All electrical equipment supplied by the candidate must be tested and tagged showing test and expiry dates

Please Note

No mobile phones to be used in the examination areas at any time.

When registering please advise of your preferred location (Currently: As Above ) along with the NDT method and level you will be sitting. To register, please use the Application for Examination form NDT 101, this can be downloaded from the AINDT website.

Whilst we will endeavour to accommodate your preferred location and date/s once total numbers are known, no guarantee can be given.

Exam Dates

Queensland, Brisbane
12th - 14th November , 2018
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New South Wales, Sydney
19th - 21st November, 2018
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South Australia, Adelaide
26th - 28th November, 2018
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Queensland, Mackay
15th - 16th November, 2018
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