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President’s Message November/ December 2017

President’s Message November/ December 2017

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The Annual Federal Council meeting is a time to reflect upon the previous year’s endeavours and an excellent opportunity to plan for the future.
Made up of elected representatives from each of the State Branches, the Board of Directors and specialist roles
(such as Membership Representative), the Federal Council is the driving force behind the strategic direction of
the AINDT. Held in Melbourne on the 14th and 15th of November 2017, the most recent meeting was attended by twenty-four (24) Federal Representatives, the Chairmen of the Certifications Boards and the AINDT CEO, Peter Milligan. After completion of the routine agenda items, the meeting was able to devote considerable time to the following areas:
• Membership Services
• Marketing of NDT and AINDT’s role in industry
Membership Services
As a member focused not-for-profit organisation, the AINDT seeks to constantly improve its services and offerings. Some of the initiatives that AINDT will be seeking to improve or implement will include:
• Improved notification system for AINDT events
• Website Member Portal for access to member only
• Job seeker portal on the website
• Monthly and direct debit payment of membership fees
• Floating membership for Company/Corporate members,
to allow various staff to attend technical events
Marketing of NDT and AINDT’s role in industry
Developing awareness of the important role that NDT has in maintaining integrity and safety in industry was highlighted as a significant area for development by the AINDT. Some of the plans moving forward include:

Increased presence on Standards Australia. AINDT, as the peak body for NDT in Australia requested,
and was granted, an additional voting position on Standards Australia.• Development of information packs for industry and end users to consult. These will be focused on state and federal regulators, tier one asset owners, and management groups.
AINDT Database
A presentation by Nick Ferguson of Tech Solutions
(Nick is also an AINDT Certified Level 3) was provided
on the ongoing development of the AINDT database.
The presentation focused on some of the key features
of the upcoming database upgrade including:
• Full online applications for certification, membership renewal and re-certification
• Secure on-line payments
• Increased productivity, resulting in reduced application
processing times
• SMS communications and notifications
The existing and soon to be updated database, is a powerful, unique and bespoke creation, that has significantly improved the process and productivity of the AINDT in recent years. Moving forward, AINDT is hoping to licence the use of the database software to other international certification bodies as a future means of income.

Overall the meeting was constructive and productive, with a significant focus on the future rather than the past.
With the current elected team of Federal Representatives, I am confident that the AINDT can continue to improve
its services to its members and the NDT community as a whole.