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President’s Message September/ October 2016

President’s Message September/ October 2016

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The Chief Executive Officer Mr Peter Milligan is tracking every project to ensure they are implemented in a timely manner and without adversely affecting the budget.
The federal office staff are doing a commendable job to ensure the certification services are as swift as possible.

In this journal, the AINDT team have compiled content primarily focussing on Asset Reliability. For asset owners or operators, it is important to be confident about the reliability of their operating assets. Further to asset reliability, they need to be self-assured about the safety of personnel around high risk assets. Concern is paramount regarding environmental spillage or pollution, which can affect the well-being of a community residing around the industrial area, or affect the living organism around the industrial estate.
Hence, it is paramount for asset owners or operators to make informed decisions on the selection of asset reliability and assessment tools. Compared to the past, current asset
condition monitoring technologies are far superior, which allows operators a higher confidence in reliability of assets.

Compiling the Industrial Eye with high quality content is a constant task for journal editor Fiona Obaidini. AINDT is continuously looking for high quality articles for the journal from our members and the CM/NDT community. I request you consider submitting articles to the journal and entering our AINDT MEMBER COMPETITION for the Most Outstanding Technical Article.

It has been almost 2 years since I was elected as the AINDT President. Since then, I have done my best to convey mine, and AINDT’s views to our members and stakeholders. This is my last message as the President of the internationally respected Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT). AINDT will elect a new President from October 2016, who should lead the institute to exceed the current level of membership services and the efficient certification system. Moving forward, I will continue to contribute to the AINDT in a different role, this time as one of the directors and I will still be available for any member, or stake holder, or AINDT customers to contact.

I would like to extend my best wishes to all of you for your future endeavours. Thank you, for assisting and complimenting me in the preceding years which has kept me motivated to do better for AINDT and the Australian NDT community. Most importantly, my highest gratitude to all the volunteers involved in the Certification Board. They have done everything possible to ensure Australians gain Certification efficiently and within the shortest possible time. Hats off to the Certification Board Members!