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President’s Message January/February 2019

President’s Message January/February 2019

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It was seven years ago when I first became a Branch Federal Councillor, and now I am proud to take on the role of Federal President, entrusted by you the members, to help guide the institute over my two-year term.

In my first President’s Message I would like to thank the Board of Directors (BoD) for their continuous behind the scene volunteer efforts, with a special thank you to the outgoing President Mr Paul Grosser, for his tireless effort and sound example set during his time as President. Supporting me as the newly elected Vice President will be Mr Nick Eleftheriou. With strong support and experience from both the Immediate Past President and incoming Vice President, and with the continued excellent support from the (BoD) and the federal office staff, I am well placed to make a difference during my term.

During my last seven years with the AINDT, I have witnessed many major changes within the institute that are too long to list entirely, but some of the most significant were: changing premises; changing CEO’s; changing corporate structure; greater online functionality (certification approval and now applications); condition monitoring certification; advanced NDT method certification; new key staff; rapid adoption of updated standards; and the downturn in mining and oil/gas sectors.

Change is inevitable, and every president brings their own unique experience and goals that they wish to achieve for the institute. I believe the next two years will be significantly different to previous years with the continued effects of ongoing global harmonisation of the ISO9712 scheme, increased overseas fabrication, continued immigration, increased international exposure and involvement of the AINDT overseas. This timeframe will include the two year lead up to the APCNDT 2021 Melbourne Conference.

The significance of the APCNDT 2021 event is that this will cement the AINDT globally. Our unique geographical location within the Asia Pacific region means the AINDT can continue to be an ISO9712 certification scheme leader in a developing region. Being a leader in this region also allows the AINDT many other opportunities not possible to other certification bodies in the region. Understanding the significance of ensuring a successful conference, a dedicated committee has been formed consisting of committed volunteers to help ensure the best possible outcome.

Not that long ago the AINDT held annual roaming conferences, but due to many circumstances this has not occurred since the Brisbane conference held in 2014. I am happy to advise that after discussions with the Federal Council, we will again be holding a conference in Adelaide later this year. The goal is to run a successful conference measured against previous successful AINDT events, to engage industry and listen to their feedback in order to add this information into the knowledge base for a successful APCNDT 2021 Melbourne event. As with almost every other outcome or change within the AINDT, a volunteer committee has also been formed to manage this event. This, plus the new federal office staff member Mr Anton Milne - Membership and Marketing, should help ensure this event’s success.

By the time this message is in print, the Adelaide conference committee will be well underway with venues, dates and pricing. The success of this event will depend on industry participation and the presence of technicians at the event. Like many gatherings both social and commercial in nature, larger attendance numbers will only add to the success of the event. Technicians get to network and learn, exhibitors get to show their products, advertisers and sponsors get more traffic, and everyone benefits. The AINDT and the organising committee will do our best to attract everyone with multiple streams (NDT, pressure equipment, condition monitoring), responsible pricing, affordable locations, practical workshops aimed for technicians, asset owner involvement etc.

How can you help? By attending, exhibiting, sponsoring or presenting.

It has been some time since the AINDT has held a dedicated conference event and I hope that you will attend and be a part of its success.

Neil Young