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Converting from non-AINDT certs to AINDT certs... how this can benefit you in Australia!

Converting from non-AINDT certs to AINDT certs... how this can benefit you in Australia!

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As many of our Australian readers will be aware, to work on certain projects within Australia requires NDT practitioners to hold AINDT Certification. Currently, we are seeing a large number of NDT practitioners whom hold overseas certification having to transfer certification to AINDT which will then enable them to work on some Australian projects to comply with Australian Standards.

The AINDT is a signatory of the ICNDT and EFNDT Multilateral Recognition Agreement (MRA). This allows us to recognise Certification issued by other signatories of the MRA as they have been recognised by virtue of their national acceptation to ISO17024 and ISO9712. The AINDT can and does ask for further evidence to support the application for transfer to ensure the requirements for initial certification match those of our own requirements i.e. applicants wishing to transfer certification from another Certification Body (CB) may be asked for a copy of their original application to the overseas CB so the AINDT can verify experience requirements are met.

To transfer overseas certification over the AINDT, we require all applicants to complete an AINDT initial certification application in its entirety, and submit this along with copies of the certification being transferred to the AINDT federal office. It should be noted the AINDT can only transfer current certification.

If the application is accepted and approved following review by the AINDT Application Review Panel, an AINDT Certificate will be issued with an expiry date matching that of the initial certification being transferred. At the next mandatory step in the certification process (renewal or recertification), the applicant will then need to follow the requirements of the AINDT Guide to Qualification and Certification. Please note the AINDT will only transfer certification from bodies listed on the ICNDT MRA and we won’t transfer qualifications issued under employer-based schemes such as SNT/TC1a. Holder of SNT/TC1a whom wish to gain AINDT Certification will be required to follow the rule for initial Certification in terms of training, examination (sat at an AINDT authorised Qualifying Body or the scheduled AINDT Examination rounds held in NSW, SA & QLD) and experience.

If you have any question around transferring your current certification over to AINDT certification, please contact our Federal Office on +61 03 9328 8831.