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AINDT Certification Extension Update - September 2021

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Due to the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the AINDT understands we are living through exceptional circumstances and action is required by the Institute, regarding expiring NDT certificates as per ISO 9712 requirements.

A policy regarding the period of extensions has been agreed by the NDT Certification Board to extend the original expiry dates as noted below for the affected AINDT certificate holders.

Due to the current situation, certain AINDT Authorised Qualifying Bodies (AQBs) have been forced to temporarily close their doors. This will have an adverse effect on some certificate holders who are due to re-certify in the coming months. Affected Certificate holders whose Certification is due to expire before 31st October in NZ, NSW, Vic and overseas will be eligible to apply for a Certification expiry extension of current certification, with the following conditions...

1. Applicants of Issue 2 re-certification for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications wishing to apply for the certification extension will need to complete and meet all the AINDT re-certification application requirements (minus practical examination results), including payment. Applicants will also be required to complete a “Special Consideration Application”. Both these applications can be found on the AINDT website... see below.

If the certificate holder has maintained continuity without significant interruption in the method for which they are certified and is now applying for re-certification, certification shall be invalid if...

  • The individual becomes physically incapable of performing their duties based upon failure of the visual acuity test;
  • A significant interruption* (see definition below) is applicable in the method for which the individual is certified (the individual does not perform in the method certified for at least 12 consecutive months).

*Absence or change of activity which prevents the certified individual from practising the duties corresponding to the level in the method and the sector(s) within the certified scope, for either a continuous period in excess of one year or two or more periods for a total time exceeding two years. 

Please note: Legal holidays or periods of sickness or courses of less than 30 days are not considered when calculating the interruption.

2. Certification that is eligible for renewal (Issue 1 Certificates) via paperwork application is still being processed. Applicants are requested to submit applications electronically to: [email protected] No extensions for the expiry of renewal applications will be granted.

Applicants are advised that the AINDT will not issue new certificates and/or ID cards for applicants who are successful in their applications for extensions of Issue 2 certificates. Certificate holders are urged to use the verification page on the AINDT website to show the current status of certification.

Once the extended period has expired or is due to expire and provided AQBs are again fully operational, certificate holders will be required to sit re-certification examinations as soon as possible, even if still covered by the extended period. Please note no further payment will be required at that point due to the re-certification payment being taken at the time of application submission.

Please note: The original certification expiry date will be affected by the above actions.

Please click here for further information about the full certification extension policy from AINDT.

PLEASE NOTE: Extensions will only be granted to Certificate Holders in areas that are impacted by COVID-19. If you are not impacted by COVID-19 restrictions and have access to an active AQB who is authorised to deliver the examinations you are wishing to recertify, you will not be granted an extension and must make arrangements to sit exams for re-certification at your local AQB.