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Standards News - September/October

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As detailed in the previous Standard News, submissions have been made to Standards Australia in an attempt to reinstate numerous Standards without revision.

The Australian Standards effected are once again provided for AINDT members information and detailed below...

  • AS1065-1988 Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing of carbon and low alloy steel forgings.
  • AS2083-2005: Calibration blocks and their methods of use in ultrasonic testing.
  • AS2452.1-2004: Non-destructive testing – Determination of thickness – Determination of wall thickness of pipe by the use of radiography.
  • AS2574-2000: Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic testing of ferritic steel castings.
  • AS1171-1998: Non-destructive testing – Magnetic particle testing of ferromagnetic products, components and structures.
  • AS2824-2003: Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic methods - Evaluation and quality classification of metal bearing bonds.
  • AS3978-2000: Non-destructive testing – Visual inspection of metal products and components.
  • AS2062-1997: Non-destructive testing – Penetrant testing of products and components.
  • AS2452.3-2005: Non-destructive testing – Determination of thickness – Use of ultrasonic testing.

Standards Australia have indicated that the first three Australian Standards from the above list that will be acted upon are AS1065, AS2574 and AS3978 which commenced early August. The other Australian Standards listed above will undergo due process in the coming months and be brought through as selected by Standards Australia.

With ISO Standards for Training & Certification being updated periodically, there are certain ISO Standards that may be referenced more and more in order to meet ISO17024 requirements for Certification Bodies and form part of the body of knowledge for ISO9712 certification.

Therefore the ISO Standards that most likely will find their way into training and certification include...

  • ISO 18490:2015 Non-destructive testing – Evaluation of vision acuity of NDT personnel.
  • ISO/TS 22809:2007 (vers 4) Non-destructive testing – Discontinuities in specimens for use in qualification examinations.
  • ISO/TS 18173:2005 Non-destructive testing – General terms and definitions.

Other news provided by ISO Standards detailing new projects, reviews and voting undertaken are as follows...

1: NDT

  • Review undertaken for ISO CD 18251-2-IR System Version 1.0 Non-destructive testing—Infrared thermography—System and equipment —Part 2: Test method for integrated performance.
  • Voting for ISO 18081:2016 – Non-destructive testing – Acoustic emission testing (AT) – Leak detection by means of acoustic emission.
  • Voting for ISO/CD 24367 – Non-destructive testing – Acoustic emission testing – Metallic pressure equipment.

2: Con Mon

  • Voting for ISO/FDIS 18436-1 (Ed 3) Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems – Requirements for certification of personnel – Part 1: Sector specific requirements for certification bodies and the certification process.

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Stay safe everyone.

Angelo Zaccari
MT007 Standards Chairperson.
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