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AINDT Standards Update - May 2021

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Dear AINDT members, stake holders, associate members and Australian industry. As many of you will be aware, some years ago Standards Australia commenced a process of reviewing aged Australian Standards. This process involved reviewing NDT standards for which the AINDT Federal Council unanimously recommended that many of the aging standards be withdrawn and replaced with the corresponding ISO standards for the relevant NDT methods affected.

The Standards Australia committee whom have been charged with the review process is MT007, this group which includes broad industry representation accepted the AINDT recommendation some 8 years ago. As this process has been underway for many years, the AINDT has kept industry updated and tried to prepare all users for the transition though our various media outlets on a regular basis.

MT007 has now decided to reinstate a range of the aging Australian Standards without any revision. This decision has been taken without consultation of the AINDT as the peak membership and NDT certification body in Australia or factoring the disadvantages to industry, training, certification, and the implementation of current or future technologies for the relevant methods.

The AINDT strongly endorsed the adoption of ISO standards and does not endorse the reinstatement of the aged Australian Standards.