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AINDT President Message - Welcome Nick Eleftheriou

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It is with great honour that I accept the role of Federal President for the Australian Institute for Non-destructive testing. I am delighted to take on this role, entrusted by our members, to guide the institute during my two-year term.

In my first President’s message I would like to thank the inspiring and committed succession of past presidents, with special thanks to the outgoing President Mr Neil Young, for his vision and steadfast effort during his tenure. Neil has transformed the institute with numerous achievements.

In particular, one of his many accomplishments has been delivering greater recognition and alignment for AINDT with other local and international societies. Supporting me as the newly elected Vice President, I welcome Ms Irene Pettigrew. With Irene’s continued involvement within AINDT, her wealth of local and international industry knowledge and experience, she brings a renewed perspective. It is wonderful to have our first female vice president during my time as president, I encourage and look forward to seeing more female representation, leadership and participation within the AINDT.

I would like to acknowledge the AINDT Board of Directors (BoD) for their continuous support and commitment to the institute. We all freely offer our time and energy to the institute, with a strong history which started in 1963 and was subsequently branded as AINDT in 1974. I would also like to give a special mention and recognition to Mr Michael Needham who has stepped down from the BoD following his many years of commitment as AINDT Treasurer and Director, thank you Michael.

Our success is due to the significant commitment of all institute volunteers which includes; AINDT Directors, Federal Council, Membership Registrar, Federal Secretariat, NDT Certification Board, Condition Monitoring (CM) Certification Board, Committee members and State Councillors. There are also numerous AINDT members generously giving their time and energy to represent us internationally. Some of the committees and federations AINDT contributes to include; International Committee for Non destructive Testing (ICNDT), Asia Pacific Federation for Nondestructive Testing (APFNDT) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Other international representation includes ISO Standards representative for NDT and CM. Without this level of volunteer engagement, we would not have such a diverse and robust institute. I would like to personally thank all involved for their ongoing support.

When I joined the AINDT all those years ago, I was unaware of the commitment, time, energy and passion which so many individuals contribute, I am truly humbled and inspired. I encourage others to join and discover their potential to likewise become leaders in their field.

Behind all the volunteers there is an efficient and well-trained team of office bearers who support this institute. From the journal, online marketing, to certification assistance for our members, this is the engine of our institute which keeps it operating efficiently. Most importantly, it is all the members who make this institute possible through AINDT participation, conviction and annual membership.

For over a decade of my involvement with the AINDT, I have witnessed many changes within our institute. It has evolved and grown to become one of the internationally recognised leaders in certification. One of the many investments by AINDT which commenced years ago, was the development and subsequent application of the Members Online Portal. This has undoubtedly been one of the forefronts of AINDT evolutions, especially considering the recent challenges of COVID-19. The platform has brought us into the 21st century by authorized member access to current certifications, lodge and renew certifications and membership efficiently and safely.

Other more recent AINDT member benefits include the series of webinars which have stimulated learning, discussions, drive professional development and embrace some of the latest changes in technology. These webinars are an outstanding success. Personally, I would like to recognise all involved, especially the delivery of the ISO Standards requirements and gap analysis for compliance in Australia. The focus and discussions generated following each webinar, across the industry and at the branch council meetings, has been very worthwhile.

There are so many new opportunities opening within our Australian info-structure, manufacturing and defence sectors. This renewed focus and stimulus will drive our industry’s future to new levels of demand with technology, training and certification.

It is a great time to be part of AINDT!

Nick Eleftheriou