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Final message from Neil Young as AINDT President

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As the current President of the AINDT, I have had the privilege of addressing both a national and international audience via this segment over the last two years. I will thank you for your attention now, in case you don’t make it to the end of this article. Over my period as president, writing the message has become easier as I have settled into the role, but this being my last is certainly the hardest to write. This edition’s theme is “Asset Reliability” which is ultimately the end goal and why we are employed.

Being WA based, I am watching my state adjust to being self sufficient due to the hard border restrictions imposed. No longer is WA able to fly staff in from interstate to meet the state’s industry needs, and my understanding is that the asset owner appetite for FIFO workers post COVID-19 will not be high either. This suggests that long term permanent changes to onsite permanent presence/maintenance workforce and our work/living situations to support these roles.

Of particular interest to me recently was the cracking found in significant oil & gas pressure equipment in WA’s North West, which was found by NDT Technicians! I have been waiting for a good news story for our industry, enabling the AINDT to be able to promote and boost our public profile and our significance to the industry, looks like there is extra space here and to include this detail in this journals theme “Asset Reliability”. Unfortunately, I am yet to read good news stories in other publications, the use of ISO9712 certification, ISO17025 accreditation, that similar design items were inspected across the globe as a precaution (also adding to safety) or anything positive about our industry. However, this story is another step in the right direction. I have only read content on adequate asset management, unions, shareholders, and overseas builds. So the AINDT will have to keep working hard to promote our industry, in the hope that the community will see the value of our industry.

Moving on to input into our community, I have thoroughly enjoyed the significant AINDT Webinar Series and there is no doubt that this delivery is here to stay post COVID-19. The webinars have been well attended and have covered a broad range of test techniques, changes to industry, accreditations and more. I am looking forward to seeing more of them and in particular condition monitoring themed webinars. A massive thank you to the AINDT team, and the volunteer individuals, and companies who make these webinars happen.

With the AINDT Federal Office being closed in Victoria due to the pandemic, the AINDT online Member Portal for certification applications and renewals has proven invaluable. This investment undertaken years ago has helped ensure the AINDT’s ability to offer our core business without disruption throughout the pandemic. With the sudden increase in the portals use, a lot of feedback has been received on how to make this system even better for the AINDT, and this is under review.

As my last message I can’t help but reflect on the past years and how the future may look. At the time of writing this message, the nominations for the AINDT Board positions have been issued and the robust succession planning is in place with Mr Nick Eleftheriou to enter the role of President for his term.

The entire world is having to change the way we do business and the AINDT is no different. I will be passing the batten to a changed institute that has numerous challenges ahead, however our adaptability will ensure we respond to these challenges and see new opportunities. An example of the AINDT’s adaptability is that there is a strong possibility that this year’s Federal Council meeting will be online. Whilst this was never the plan, the AINDT will be looking at this delivery method to determine the effectiveness and potential for future national meetings to be held online.

Thank you, if you have made it this far in my last message as AINDT President. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the AINDT Board, the Federal Council, Branches, Federal Office Staff, the CEO, the volunteers and most importantly the members who make this institute possible through your trust and annual membership.

Neil Young