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Standards News - October 2020

Category: AINDT News

As we negotiate the adopted ISO Standards, the AINDT has taken the initiative and put together their Standards Board made up of State Branch Council Members, AINDT EO and MT007 Main Committee Members.

The AINDT Standards Board are undertaking gap analysis of the adopted ISO Standards verses the Withdrawn AS Standards. The gap analysis outcomes will be made available to members and other organisations that require the information. Currently the gap analysis is being completed on the Eddy Current Standards with outcomes published soon that will surely benefit us all being made available by the AINDT Standards Board with Glen Haberl as Chairperson.

As we progress there will be some easy Standards to work through together with some more difficult Standards. The AINDT  Standards Board is working to ensure a seamless and informative method during the transition in adopting ISO Standards. ISO9934.1 for Magnetic Particle Testing general practices is still being worked on so that a modified version can be proposed for adoption.

Other Standards news provided by ISO are detailed as follows:

For NDT (Standards Committee MT007):

  • Voting (continued): ISO 18490:2015 Non-destructive testing — Evaluation of vision acuity of NDT personnel
  • Voting (continued): ISO 18249:2015 Non-destructive testing — Acoustic emission testing — Specific methodology and general evaluation criteria for testing of fibre-reinforced polymers

For Con Mon (Standards Committee ME087):

  • Voting (continued): ISO 18129:2015 - Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — Approaches for performance diagnosis
  • Voting (continued): ISO 13379-2:2015 - Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines — Data interpretation and diagnostics techniques — Part 2: Data-driven applications
  • Voting: ISO/FDIS 16079-2 - Condition monitoring and diagnostics of wind turbines — Part 2: Monitoring the drivetrain.

As we continue reviewing new Standards, I am pleased to continue receiving questions and responding as soon as capable. Please contact me via email as per my email below if you have any queries regarding Australian Standards, ISO Standards or other Standards.

Angelo Zaccari, MT007 Standards Chairperson
[email protected]