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Update from National Drones Institute - Discount Training Offer

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The application of drones today:

With technology enabling more sophisticated data capture via drones, many industries are transforming their operations through the use of drones and it is certainly not just about becoming a drone pilot. Drones will impact many industries and jobs within those industries as the data captured enables organisations to make faster and more informed decisions. 

Drones are increasingly becoming well known for their ability to increase safety and efficiencies, whilst reducing costs in comparison to traditional means of data capture. This is constantly evolving and growing.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Significant reduction in workplace risks, in turn increasing safety for workers;
  • Improved accuracy and consistency in data captured;
  • Increased efficiencies and reduction in costs by reducing time required for capture compared to traditional forms of data capture, project management;
  • Capabilities to reach hard to access areas quickly and easily;
  • Increased quality, quantity and speed in which information is available to decision makers.

About us:

National Drones Institute forms part of National Drones, an industry leader in the remotely pilot automated system (RPAS) training field. Our extensive background in aviation, our successful and national operation of remotely piloted aircraft systems & aerial software development puts us at the forefront of delivery for both our non-accredited and accredited UAV training programs.

We have extensive experience working with Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, tertiary education facilities, power and utilities organisations, multi-national mining operations and nationwide survey companies to name just a few. 

Our courses:

If you are considering drones as part of your toolkit and looking to up-skill we have a range of RPAS courses from drones awareness through to CASA accredited Remote Pilots License with AROC. Visit for more information or call 1300 759 843.

Exclusive AINDT Discount Training Offer from National Drones Institute:

As a special offer to AINDT newsletter readers, we are offering 10% off the Online RePL Course cost (currently $1,299). This self-paced online training allows you to complete the theory part of your RePL at your own pace. It also includes an AROC (Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate) and an English Language Proficiency assessment. 

The costs covers all CASA licensing. Once the online portion is complete, you will be required to attend 2 days that includes assessment and practical drone flying component which we will conduct across major capital cities in Australia. Upon completion you will be certified to fly multi-rotor drones weighing up to 7kg.

Please visit and select which Australian Location is your preferred for the Online RePL. Prior to payment please use the discount code: AINDT for the 10% discount to be applied.