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Standards News - December/January 2020

Category: AINDT News

As part of this Standard News there are many details included as reported to the AINDT Federal Council and Certification Board.

The MT-007 Committee met and all adoption proposals submitted were accepted by the MT-007 Committee. As part of the acceptance regarding the adoption of the ISO Standards, they have been formally issued for public comment and now on the Australian Standards web page for review.

The Standards that were accepted by MT007 and have been issued for public comment are as follows:

The Aged Australians Standards proposed for review requiring checking of every clause. As each Standards is completely reviewed, the Standard commences the process of any additions including new technologies.

Aged Australian Standards undergoing a full clause review are as follows.

Unfortunately during the year one very important AS3978—1991, Visual inspection of metal products and components was withdrawn. This Standard may be reinstated, however it may be rebranded with a new number and further information will be available shortly.

As a matter of interest a number of drafts and ballots were received from ISO NDT Standards and are listed as follows:

  • ISO/DTS 25107.2 - NDT training syllabuses
  • ISO/FDIS 16838 - Acoustic emission testing - Test method for classification of active cracks in concrete structures
  • ISO/FDIS 16837 - Acoustic emission testing - Test method for damage qualification of reinforced concrete beams
  • ISO 10878:2013 - Infrared thermography - Vocabulary
  • ISO/TS 11774:2011 - Performance-based qualification
  • ISO/NP 24367 - Metallic pressure equipment
  • ISO/NP 24489 - Corrosion of atmospheric pressure metallic storage tank floor
  • ISO/NP 24543 - Acoustic emission testing - Determination of the receiving sensitivity spectrum of a piezoelectric acoustic emission sensor stimulated by a directly coupled piezoelectric.
  • ISO 20807:2004 - Qualification of personnel for limited application of non-destructive testing

Keith Arcus as the voting member on the ISO TC 135 SC7 is working closely with the Certification Board with the new revision of ISO9712 and further details provided shortly.

I also would like to indicate that Weld Australia also undertook workshops in each State to address the adoption of AS/NZS ISO 9606. The focus was on discussing various Australian Standards that impacted the welding industry. They included:

  • Revision of pressure equipment standards e.g. AS3992, AS3788.
  • Revision of structural standards e.g. AS/NZS1554 series, AS2214, AS/NZS1665
  • Aged standards update e.g. AS2205 series, AS1335, AS3545
  • ISO update e.g. ISO 14731, AS/NZS ISO 3834 series, ISO 9606.

MT007 Committee still have some considerable tasks to undertake to complete the revised Standards, however this is underway and hopefully complete by mid 2020 and out for public comment.

If you have any queries regarding Australian Standards, ISO Standards or other Standards, please email me, [email protected] and I am always pleased to respond.

On behalf of MT007 Committee and all the sub-committee members, I wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

Angelo Zaccari
MT007 Standards Chairperson