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NDT Certification Board - Chairman's Message

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Attention members and certificate holders...

I have recently received courtesy emails from the AINDT Federal Office advising me that a number of my NDT certifications will expire within the next 6 months. These are described as courtesy emails, as it is the responsibility of the certificate holder to initiate renewal or recertification of their certificates. Yes, that means you.

Please note that you may submit your application for renewal or recertification up to 6 months prior to the expiry date of your current certificate. When issued, your new certificate will run for 5 years from the expiry date of your current certificate. So there is no down side to submitting your application early. Also, should there be missing or insufficient data in your application, there is time for any deficiencies to be corrected before your current certificate expires.

Your new certificate will be issued once you meet all requirements for renewal or recertification. If this is achieved prior to the expiry date of your current certificate, the new certificate will be issued on the expiry date of the current certificate thus providing continuous certification.

Should the requirements for renewal or recertification be met after the current certificate has expired, the new certificate will be issued on the date that the requirements are met. This will give rise to a period of time when you are not certified.

This period where you are uncertified may impact on your employer’s business and also on your employment.

I urge all certificate holders to take advantage of the opportunity to submit their applications for renewal and recertification during this 6 month period prior to the expiry date of their certificates to enable swift and efficient processing of their applications.

Keith Arcus
Chairman – AINDT NDT Certification Board