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Standards News - September/October 2019

Category: AINDT News

It was great to receive many emails from AINDT members regarding Australian Standards changes that will most likely be taking place in the future, as the adoption of ISO Standards is still continuing together with proposed revisions of others as detailed in previous Standards News.

A number of enquiries were related to the Australian Standards that have been withdrawn. Most notable were...

  • AS 1470-1986. Health and safety at work - Principles and practices which is referenced in AS 1796- 2001 (R2016) Certification of welders and welding supervisors & AS 2062-1997 Non-destructive testing - Penetrant testing of products and components.
  • Surprisingly AS 3978-2003 Non-destructive testing - Visual inspection of metal products and components was also withdrawn, however a proposal for revision is still in the wings and we are awaiting Standards Australia decision, which at present appears to be favourable.

Further enquires were regarding the withdrawal of Australian Standards and what actually happens. Standards Australia have detailed the following...

  • The withdrawn status does not impact the document’s availability, or public’s ability to use the document. Withdrawn standards can still be purchased from SAIGlobal (
  • The withdrawn status indicates that the standard is no longer relevant. Standards Australia will not undertake further work to maintain or update a withdrawn standard.
  • It is still possible for a withdrawn standard to be used within an industry or reference by a government if they choose to do so. One reason for this may be because there are no replacement technical documents readily available.

During the past months a number of ISO Committee documents were required to be reviewed and voted on by MT007 Committee members which included:

  • Non-destructive testing – NDT training syllabuses.
  • Non-destructive testing – Acoustic emission testing (Corrosion of atmospheric pressure metallic storage tank floor).

The ISO/TC135 SC 7 committee also met in Edmonton Canada during July with revision work continuing on ISO 9712 with any changes to be made intended to be discussed by the AINDT Certification Board before any proposals are forwarded to Standards Australia.

With relation to ISO Standard meetings, the ISO/TC44 Welding & Allied Processes committee will be meeting during September in Sydney where the Australian Standards NDT MT007 committee members have been invited and look forward to be in attendance.

I continue to encourage all members if they have any queries regarding Australian Standards, ISO Standards or other Standards to email me, [email protected] and I will gladly try to respond to any queries.

Angelo Zaccari
MT007 Standards Chairperson