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Standards News - June 2019

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The MT007 NDT Standards Committee has not met for sometime and therefore the AINDT set up a Standards Working Group to review all current aged Standards. Once reviewed by the AINDT Standard Working Group, recommendations made were provided to the MT007 Chairperson to pass onto to the MT007 Committee for their consideration and comment.

Aged Standards are those which are over ten years old. These Standards are made available to the MT007 committee to review with a number of options available; withdraw, reconfirm, revise or adopt an ISO Standard in its place. Where an ISO adoption is selected this can be in modified format with some minor changes or direct adoption.

Recommendations made by the AINDT Standards Working Group are shown below for the Aged Standards.

Direct Adoption of the ISO Standards to replace Aged Australian Standards

  • ISO16809 Non-destructive testing -- Ultrasonic thickness measurement to be adopted and replace AS2452.3 
  • ISO17643 Non-destructive testing of welds -- Eddy current testing of welds by complex-plane analysis to be adopted and replace AS4544.
  • ISO20807 Non-destructive testing of welds -- Non-destructive testing Qualification of personnel for limited applications of non-destructive testing to be adopted and replace AS4635.
  • ISO3452 Pt1 to Pt 6 Non-destructive testing -- Penetrant testing to be adopted and replace AS2062
  • ISO4993 Steel and iron castings -- Radiographic testing to be adopted and replace AS3507.1 
  • ISO9934 Pt1 to Pt3 Non-destructive testing -- Magnetic particle testing to be adopted and replace AS1171 
  • ISO15549 Pt1 Non-destructive testing -- Eddy current testing to be adopted and replace AS2084

Review of the Australian Standards

  • AS2083
  • AS2452.1
  • AS2574
  • AS2824
  • AS3978
  • AS4748
  • AS1065

Submissions were made to Australian Standards to propose the direct adoptions and reviews as detailed above.

Close consideration was given to ISO Standards proposed for direct adoption to ensure that the NDT industry can easily administer and use within current Australian Standards for Fabrication, Welding, Parts and Monitoring.

In addition, a proposal was also made to Standards ME087 Committee for a modified ISO 10878:2013 (E) Non-destructive testing – Infrared thermography – Vocabulary. However, this was found to be an NDT Standard and it is unclear why the proposal was made on behalf of ME087 and not MT007. The ISO 10878 Standard also differs in vocalbury to the Condition Monitoring Thermography ISO Standard.

With relation to ISO Committees, Keith Arcus the AINDT Certification Board Chairperson and MT007 Committee Member has been nominated as the Australian voting delegate on the ISOTC135/SC7 committee that works on ISO9712.

I look forward in continuing to communicate Standards information to all with this article the first of many Standards News. Comments or queries from the NDT Industry are encouraged and please send through the Contact Form on the AINDT web site.

Angelo Zaccari
MT007 Standards Chairperson.