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Oceaneering Australia Pty Ltd (Roma) Qld

Contact Person: Duane Johnson
Address: Unit 1, 92 Spencer Street South Roma, QLD, Australia
Phone: +61 0427 171 006
  • Oceaneering asset integrity is an industry leader in the provision of risk and reliability centred services
  • Consistent organic growth coupled with strategic acquisitions has positioned Oceaneering as one of the largest providers of integrity services in the world
  • Operating worldwide, with regional head offices in USA, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, Norway and the UAE, we offer more than 50 years experience of delivering services in a safe, innovative and cost effective manner
  • Our specialist teams of skilled personnel deliver services that provide solutions to the many challenges that arise in the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power and Construction industries
  • Asset Integrity provides condition assessments for process, drilling equipment, structures, lifting appliances, mooring system offshore platforms, FPSOs, and onshore plants
  • Services portfolio: 
  • Condition data management and trending 
  • Corrosion Engineering 
  • Corrosion Monitoring Fitness for purpose assessment 
  • Risk Based Assessment (RBA) Non-Destructive testing 
  • Specialist Inspection Services 
  • Third-party vendor inspection 
  • Corrosion monitoring (coupons and probes) 
  • Vibration Management 
  • Storage tank Inspection Anomaly review and recommendations on remediation 
  • Condition assessments 
  • Strategy definition 
  • Periodic Integrity reports 
  • Key performance indicators on asset condition 
  • Oceaneering supply multi-skilled and experienced engineers and technicians certified to the appropriate requirements of all NDT disciplines relating to conventional (VT, PT, MT, UT and RT) and specialist techniques
  • Our NDT services are available for either new build or in-service applications
  • Specialist inspection services: 
  • Acoustic ranger rapid technique for the detection of leaks and blockages in tubes and pipes
  • Alternating current Field Measurement (ACFM)
  • Quick and reliable technique for the detection of surface breaking cracks through paint and similar protective coatings
  • Digital radiography; a reliable, cost effective alternative to conventional film by employing digital capture media
  • The service can be split into flexible solutions using Computed radiography or Digital Detector Array systems depending on the integrity issue and access
  • Corrosion Mapping Non-invasive ultrasonic corrosion mapping providing a reproducible fingerprint.
  • Guided Wave technology rapid and reliable technique for assessing condition of small and large diameter pipes
  • Particularly useful for detection of Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Magnetic Flux leakage (MFl) rapid inspection of storage tank floors for the detection of corrosion and erosion
  • Phased array Pipework inspection
  • Phased array Flange Face inspection In-service inspection for the detection of flange face corrosion
  • Phased array Small Bore Scanner An innovative approach to inspection of boiler tubes and thin walled piping
  • Pulsed eddy current (PEC) Non-contact technique for measuring the thickness of steel through any non-magnetic material
  • Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
  • Tube inspection Inspection of ferrous and non-ferrous small diameter tubes
  • IRIS, Eddy Current, remote Field Eddy Current, Dinsearch
  • Oceaneering Asset Integrity are firmly established as leading providers of multi- disciplined rope access services to most industry sectors, including the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry
  • Typical tasks deployed by rope access include: 
  • Conventional NDT – MPI, DPI, Ultrasonics, visual Inspection, Eddy Current Specialist NDT – SCAR radiography
  • Guided Wave UT, ACFM, TOFD, 
  • Corrosion Mapping 
  • Paint Inspection 
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance 
  • Inspection of Fire and Gas lines 
  • Mechanical installation & Welding Fabrication 
  • Coating removal & Application 
  • Photographic & video Surveys 
  • Insulation removal and reinstatement 
  • Lifting Equipment Surveys 
  • Oceaneering offers a comprehensive range of inspection services for both onshore and offshore pipe laying activities
  • Radiographic inspection - the department provides a range of four-wheel drive pipeline crawlers capable of operating in pipes from 3“ in to 72” outside diameter utilising high output constant potential X-ray heads or gamma radioisotopes
  • Gamma radiography is possible down to 3” OD pipes using 1mm spherical selenium 75 radioisotopes operated from specially designed tungsten exposure heads
  • Automated ultrasonic inspection - Oceaneering has one of the largest fleets of Phased Array automated ultrasonic (AUT) systems in the world
  • Pipe sizes inspected have ranged from 5” to 48”, wall thickness from 12 mm to 33 mm and to a variety of technical standards
  • Subsea Integrity Oceaneering use of advanced inspection methods in combination with cutting edge subsea delivery systems is resulting in reduced environmental risk.
  • Services: 
  • Inspection of rigid risers, Flexible risers and Flowlines Subsea 
  • Digital radiography testing (DRT)
  • Internal Pipeline Inspection 
  • Subsea Confined Space Inspections 
  • Subsea inspection technologies and products: 
  • Neptune – ROV based high resolution ultrasonic imaging inspection tool for rigid and flexible risers
  • Trident – Diver and ROV deployed advanced ultrasonic delivery system including Phased Array capability
  • Monoscan - ROV deployable, fully automated, high resolution ultrasonic imaging tool
  • It is designed to inspect welds on large diameter tubular structures such as windmill monopiles
  • RITS - riser Inspection trolley System is an ultrasonic inspection tool especially designed for external inspection in the splash zone area, allowing both above water and under water inspection
  • DRT - Subsea Digital radiography testing uses real time radiography to non-intrusively inspect for corrosion and blockages in subsea pipelines
  • Pipeline inspection solutions: 
  • Oceaneering use state of the art ultrasonic technology, propulsion solutions and single point launch and receive bidirectional solutions
  • Topside technologies and products: 
  • Hybrid Inspection Tool (HIT) - Ground breaking video inspection tool for long range internal pipe inspection
  • Pipe Intruder - Meets many geometrical challenges for unpiggable pipelines
  • Pipe Rover - Meet the demands for propulsion inspection technologies for large pipelines
  • PipeScan - Ultrasonic pulse echo (PE) methods for wall thickness measuring and corrosion detection
  • Laser Video - Designed to provide contractors, owners, or consulting engineers with the ability to determine internal pipeline conditions after initial installation
  • WeldScan - Has the ability to perform radial scanning around the pipe circumference in order to reveal possible imperfections in girth welds or base material