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Intertek CQIS

Contact Person: Alfred deScande
Address: 9 Helen Street, Callemondah QLD 4680
Phone: (07)4978 5055

Non-Destructive Testing 

·         Phased array

·         TOFD

·         Magnetic Particle Inspection 

·         Penetrant Inspection 

·         Radiographic Inspection 

·         Ultrasonic Inspection 

·         Eddy Current Inspection 

·         Tank Floor Inspection (MFLT Method) 

·         Failure Analysis (Dr Peter Kentish

·         Welding/fabrication inspection 

·         Mechanical Testing – Tensile Testing / Hardness Testing / Impact Testing / Micro Structure Examination / Bend Test

·         In-Service Pressure Equipment

·         Tank Inspection - Pressure Differential Testing (Vacuum Box Testing)

·         3rd Party Hydrostatic / Pneumatic Pressure Witness Inspection

·         Surveying and 3D laser scanning