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2015 January President's Message

2015 January President's Message

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As AINDT President, I would like to wish all our members a safe and happy 2015!

There have been no major changes in the AINDT Federal Office bearers. Mr. Ian Hogarth is still working as the Immediate Past President, under his leadership the AINDT Federal Office has achieved several key milestones in excelling membership and certification services. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Ian Hogarth for his countless hours of volunteering and his enormous efforts to shape AINDT. Ian’s tenure as President has well positioned the institute at its current cruising pace, after transiting through various turbulent times (or a sinusoidal waves in our NDT / CM language) over the past few years.

Mr. Paul Grosser has taken on the Vice-President’s role, and I am confident that Paul will even more than what he has already contributed in his role with the Certification Board. Mr. Michael Needham, better known as the costcutting Treasurer, is continuing as a board member to ensure that resources are spent wisely to enhance AINDT services and achieve future projects. The addition of Mr. Neil Young on the Board Of Directors will certainly add the young NDT perspective to AINDT policies.

Personally, I am honoured to have been elected AINDT’s President to oversee our operations and management, which have been very well established by my predecessors. I am well acquainted with the efficient work practices of the Federal Office, as I have been part of the Federal Executive for the last 5 years, commencing as the Federal Secretary, then Federal Treasurer and most recently as Vice President. To my immense joy, I have been profoundly involved with the institute since the establishment of the Federal Office in Melbourne in 2010. I am confident that in my role, I will continue to assist in the enhancement of our existing services, member’s expectations and exceed customer needs in certification services.

Some projects are already in planning stages to reduce administrative and management costs via the implementation of online membership applications, user friendly website access for stake holders and much more - which will be disclosed as we progress in the coming months. The Federal Office staff and key staff; Mr. Peter Milligan and Ms. Angela Smith, are working hard to achieve the goals and objectives stated in AINDT’s strategic plan (which is available on the website) and business plan. The progress you will see during this year is important for all of us, as such, I request all stakeholders stay connected with the institute as you will certainly feel proud to be the part of the AINDT.

‘AINDT staff and the conference organising committee put exemplary efforts into continuing the tradition of sharing and disseminating engineering and technical information at the recent 2014 AINDT Conference and Trade Exhibition in Brisbane. I hope that all attendees visited all trade booths, listened to as many technical papers as possible, shared and discussed information amongst themselves, made new contacts, international connections and most importantly increased their knowledge.’

AINDT’s CEO Mr. Leslie Dick continues to ensure that AINDT stakeholder interests are maintained, that membership services are improved and that our certification lead time remains the quickest in the world without reducing the integrity and quality of our Certification. For those who are not aware, AINDT certification is regarded as one of the world’s best, transparent, robust and matured systems. The most important focus for our CEO, is creating the career pathway for NDT technicians whom will be able to gain a Degree in NDT and encorporated Engineers by gaining credits for the NDT certification they already hold.

The other benefit is the BINDT (PCN) recognition or joint certification. I am confident that Leslie will continue to provide his progress on both of these projects in the future journal reports. My message to AINDT stakeholders is to continue to express our confidence in our CEO’s capabilities and reap the future rewards. Currently, the CEO is the captain of AINDT’s ship and we should specify to him our required destination and let him navigate so we that may reach our target.

Praynay Wadyalkar