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Nominal duration 

One module.

It is anticipated that a learner holding the prescribed entry level skills will achieve the module purpose in 35 to 40 hours. For certification, candidates should have at least 160 hours of supervised experience.

Module codes 

LTD 01

Discipline code 

Non-Destructive Testing

Module purpose 

Persons for qualification need to be able to describe and to demonstrate the basic principles of tank floor examination procedures using magnetic flux leakage [MFL] techniques. [For the time being this module does not fully address tank floor testing using low frequency electromagnetic scanning equipment.] The qualification process is a demonstration of a candidate’s knowledge of his company’s procedure for tank floor testing, his ability to operate  a MFL floor scanner and be able to prove up MFL indications using ultrasonic thickness measuring techniques. 


Persons undertaking this module must be certificated in Ultrasonic Testing at a minimum Level 2.

Relationship to competency standards

This module meets the competence requirements for Tank Floor Testing in accordance with AS 4635/ISO 20807. Learning outcomes in this course relate to ASF level 5-6