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Nominal duration It is anticipated that a learner holding the prescribed entry level skills will achieve the module purpose in 8 to 12 hours.

Module Codes


Discipline Code 

Non-destructive testing (Code to be allocated)

Module Purpose 

The emphasis in this module is on a basic understanding of: the 5 main non-destructive testing methods, the principles of the atomic structure of materials, discontinuities and developing the ability to conduct a nondestructive test in the relevant method based on a written procedure.


Nil. However learners should be studying, or have completed, training, in the NDT method(s) for which certification is being sought.

Relationship to  competency  standards

This module meets the competence requirements for Level 1 personnel in the general engineering industrial sector in accordance with AS3998-2002/ISO 9712:1999. Currently no national competency standards have been established at national level.